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Who Will You Follow?

Jimmy De Los Santos

The words of the wise are like goads, and like nails firmly fixed are the collected sayings; they
are given by one Shepherd.
~Ecclesiastes 12:11

Walking into the door of my daughter’s best friend’s house was amazing. I’d never seen a front door that big and of that type of material. If the door didn’t leave you in awe, entering the home would have you dropping your jaw. I don’t know if I will ever be in a home like that again. My daughter was going on a trip to Egypt with this family, who, by the looks of things were quite well off. Wealthy would be the correct term. Before I said goodbye to my child, (she’s a grown woman, if you were wondering), we prayed. I was grateful that the matriarch of the house would allow me to speak a word of prayer over them before they took to their journey.

If you have been listening to Sola Cast recently you know we have recorded a 3-part series on “Prosperity Gospel.” We wanted to show the dangers of this popular teaching. I pray we did it with grace and compassion and that you, as the listener, have examined our motive and know that we recorded these episodes with God’s glory in mind, above all else, but closely followed by our love for you. We want to make sure you know our desire is for the gospel to be proclaimed and that souls would come to the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the things you might have heard us say in these episodes is that souls hang in the balance and that is so true. Jesus was clear in his command to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow after Him. He is the Great Shepherd and will save souls from death. Still, there’s faith to contend for. Souls that are entrenched in this false gospel that has twisted Christianity for its own ends and has caused many to stumble.

Its easy to follow the message that says come and you can have all your dreams fulfilled. It is a soft thing to go after comfort, ease and money. Not a single person could blame you if those were the things you went after. After all, this country was founded on the idea that you were made for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My question to you today is whether or not it is the right message to follow?

God is not mocked and will not change His mind. He didn’t send Jesus to fulfill your fleshly desires. He sent Him to seek and save that which is lost. If your heart is set on the worldly things, take heed. Listen to what we have been preaching. His Word is firmly fixed. He will not let an idol, like the love of money, take His place. He is God alone and in the last day He will judge the world in righteousness. Of this you can be certain.

Listening to the Prosperity Preachers we have come against in these episodes of Sola Cast is an easier thing to do than listening to Jesus. In fact, some of you have listened so long to these false teachers that you’ve never really even heard the voice of Jesus. Hear Him now. He calls. Listen to the sound of His voice and be saved. Come away from the pursuit of worldly, deadly, vain idols and bow your knee at the cross of Jesus Christ. He is the only way to salvation. There is so much more to say. You, though, have a short attention span, so I will cut it short.

God bless and, until next time, let’s get to the meat.

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